Sacred mountains Kihileeh,


(10 days)

The nature of Yakutia is amazing and mysterious. One of the mysterious corners of Yakutia in recent years are undoubtedly sacred mountains Kihileeh located on the watershed of the rivers Yana and Adycha. The fame of the mountain Kihileeh distributed worldwide with a truly cosmic speed, presenting it as an energy center of the planet and calling it - Northern Shambhala. In the Yakut root "kihi" means "man", that is, with respect to the mountain conventional translation means "stone people ".

Day 1

 Arrival to Yakutsk, transfer to the hotel “Lena”, accommodation in double/twin rooms; free time.

Day 2

06:00 Gathering in Yakutsk Airport.

07:20 Flight from Yakutsk to Batagai village (duration of the flight is 1 h 50 min).

10:10 Arrival to Batagai Airport. Lunch. Departure to Betenkes village by minibus (duration of the journey is 1 h 50 min, 50 km). Photo-stop at the mountain pass “Shaman – the wood” (Siel Yiyyr). Photographing on the panorama of Chersky mountain range.

14:00  Arrival to Betenkes village. Visit of the new historical-paleontological museum. Departure by boat and motor boats for up to camp Tuostaah r.Adycha (duration of the journey is 1 h 50 min, 60 km). Stop at the "Mammoth Mountain" (paleontological section of the mountain "Suullar"). If desired, climbing, photography.

18:00 Accommodation in touristic base “Tuostaah”. Dinner. Introduction. Welcome rite. Free evening, recreation, fishing.

Day 3

07:30 Breakfast.

09:00 Riding on motor boats to the stop Ketet at the foot of the mountain Kihileeh

(duration of the journey 15 min). The rite “Algys”.

10:00-15:00 Climbing on the sacred mountain Kihileeh (9.5 km). 6 stops for short rest.

15:00 Lunch on the top of Adychinskiye Kihileeh mountains. Rest in the camp. Escursion among Adychinskiye Kihileeh mountains stone sculptures. Dinner. Overnight in a guesthouse on a mountain plateau. Meeting the sun on a sacred mountain.

Day 4-5

09:00 Breakfast. The continuation of hiking in Kihileeh mountains. Climbing on the top of the mountain Big Kihileeh

(5 km). Visit of Elgetskiye Kihileeh mountains.

15:00-18:00 Downhill. Back to the touristic base.

19:00-23:00 Rest. Russian sauna. Fishing. Walking.

Day 6

Free day. Spiritual-wellness activities. Tourists could choose cultural-entertaining program according to their own wish. Concert, contests. Sports games.


Day 7

09:00 Breakfast. Riding on motor boats to the stop Chuchunaa Taaha upstream the river Tuostaah (the 20th km). Rafting down the river Tuostaah on kayaks or motor boats.

Free time on islands. Excursion on the mountain “Turuk” (panorama view from the geodesic tower), acquaintance with the flora of Tuostaah Resource Reserve. Fishing (grayling, lenok, taimen). Luch, afternoon snack.

20:00 Back to the touristic base Tuostaah. Dinner. Free time. Fishing.

Day 8

Free choosing of the rout on the river Tuostaah on motor boats (for additional fee depending on the distance of the route). Eco-routs, ethno-routs “The footsteps of ancestors”, rafting, picking berries and herbs, fishing, hunting. Visit of the horse base in the estuary of the river Tuostaah, acquaintance with the traditions and way of life of Verkhoyansk reindeer herders. The exhibition and sale of souvenirs. Screening of movies and slides about Kihileeh mountain. Seminars, lectures, debates on the topic “Spirituality and religion of the Yakuts” – “Saha Aar Itahele”.

Day 9

06:00 Breakfast. Riding on motor boats to Betenkes village.

09:00 Departure from Betenkes village to Batagai village by mini bus.

12:10-13:10 – Flight from Batagai to Yakutsk.

TRF to the hotel “Lena”.

Free time.


Day 10

TRF to the airport.

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