Tyumen Region

The Tyumen Region is one of the extraordinary regions with a rich historical heritage and very progressive present. The Region is called the Gate of Siberia, which opens the largest part of our country – mysterious, immense and amazing. Today Tyumen is the business center of the Tyumen Region, the first European city of Siberia, which has been the most comfortable city for life among Russian cities by a "happiness index" rank three years in a raw. A rich history, merchant's spirit, warm hospitality, which Siberia is famous with, will make an unforgettable impression. The Tyumen land is the land of strong-willed people, the small homeland of many outstanding personalities. Here were born Dmitry Mendeleyev – a great chemist, Grigory Rasputin – one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history, and other famous and talented people. The development of Siberia began from this region. The oldest Siberian cities – Tyumen and Tobolsk – located here. The region is famous for its promising educational and scientific centers, innovative enterprises and high-tech medical care. Unique historical monuments, rich culture and unusual nature attract tourists from all over the world.


Siberia’s former capital Tobolsk is one of the region’s most historic cities and one of the nation’s most beautiful, sporting a magnificent snow-white kremlin and a charmingly decrepit old town. It is off the Trans-Siberian main line but is well worth the short diversion from Tyumen.

Tobolsk became the center of Russian colonization of Siberia - the so-called “capital of Siberia”, which was formalized in the reforms of Peter the Great in 1708, when Tobolsk became the administrative center of the Siberian province, the largest province in the Russian Empire. In the 19th century, after the shifting of trade routes and the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, which bypassed the city, Tobolsk lost its significance. Tobolsk was a place of exile, and between the 1830’s and 1850’s, M. A. Fonvizin, W. K. Küchelbecker, and other Decembrists lived there.