Legends of Buryatia

(8 days)

Day 1

Arrival to Ulan-Ude. Transfer to a hotel for accomodation. Ulan-Ude city tour. You will visit Udinsky Ostrog - the place of the founding of the city by the Russian Cossacks in 1666. At the Soviet Square you will find monument to Lenin. It is the biggest Lenin’s head monument in the world. After visiting the Square, you will go down to historical center of the town: the Odigitrievski cathedral - example of Siberian barocco, famous for original implements of eastern origin in the decoration; merchants’ area; pedestrian Lenin’s street, also known as Arbat. At the end of the excursion you will visit the Buddhist temple Rinpoche Bagsha, from where opens a panoramic view of the city from a bird’s eye views.

Dinner in a restaurant with Cossack folk show

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel

Excursion to Atsagat Buryat village - a yurt complex where you can get acquainted with traditional Buryat culture. The excursion includes visit to local Buddhist temple, museum of Agvan Dorzhiev - the first non-Tibetan teacher of Dalai Lama 13th, traditional lunch, ritual funny games, horse riding, and archery.

Transfer to Ulan-Ude. Free time

Dinner at a hotel restaurant

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel

Excursion to the Buddhist temple “Ivolgisnki datsan”

It is the residence of Pandito Khambo Lama, the Head of Russian Buddhists. Here you will see unique samples of old Buryat art, as thangkas, sculptures, ritual objects that are gathered and preserved at the Ivolginsky datsan.

Excursion to the Old Believers village

The Old Believers of Buryatia is a colorful branch of Orthodox Russians exiled in Siberia in the XVI century after the church reform carried out by Patriarch Nikon. They managed to save their culture, singing art, religion as they were two centuries ago. Singing art of Old Believers is listed in UNESCO world cultural heritage. The excursion includes visiting local church and museum, also lunch at family, ritual funny games, and Old Believers polyphonic songs.

Transfer to Ulan-Ude.

Dinner in a restaurant of the city

Day 4

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

Transfer to the Lake Baikal, Gremyachinsk village

On the way visit to Sretensky female Monastery (XIX century). 

The monastery is located in a picturesque place 70 kilometers from the capital of sunny Buryatia, on the way to the sacred sea, Baikal. This monastery is unique with an amazing collection of holy relics from all over the world! The collection has more than 70 copies. People from all over the world come here to ask the saints and great martyrs for health, love, children, happiness and prosperity, as well as help in solving any life difficulties.


Arrival to Gremyachinsk village. Accommodation at hotel.

Lunch at the hotel restaurant

After lunch - guided tour to the Turka village with a visit to the natural monument of the stone Turtle, the territory of the Baikal harbor and the Lighthouse.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 5

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Full day excursion to the Chivyrkuiski Bay

You are going to visit Chivyrkuiski Bay, the one of the most beautiful places on the Lake Baikal. It is the territory of the Zabaikalsky National Park which is one of the few areas in Russia that fully meets the criteria of UNESCO specially protected natural areas. UNESCO defines these areas as «unique, well preserved natural ecosystems and landscapes located in a compact territory, of a sufficiently large surface area».  On the shore of the one of the bays called Snake Bay you can enjoy hot springs.

Day 6

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Full day excursion to the Barguzin valley   

This is place of birth of Genghis Khan mother. Ancient earth, place of birth of many nations, the Barguzin valley is one of the main destinations in Buryatia because of the variety of different religious, natural, historical sights.

The excursion consists of two parts. First part is about first Russian town in Transbaikalia – outpost of Russian cossacks – Barguzin. Formerly this town supplied with sable fur all the Russian Empire and Europe. It also was a place of exile of Decembrists (Russian noble army officers who tried to organize revolution against Tsar Nikolay I)

Second part is about sacred Buddhist place called “The sign of Yanzhima”.

Yanzhima is a fertility goddess whose image was found on the stone. This image considered to be sacred because, after a visit, many who had been declared infertile have been able to have children. It is notable that nearest to the sign village Elesun was registered in eighties by Guinness World Records as a place with high birth rate. “The sign of Yanzhima” is situated in the forest among rocks at 1,5 kilometer from the nearest village. 

Day 7


Check out and transfer to Ulan-Ude

Accommodation at the hotel.

Free time

Day 8

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

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