Tour to Belarus

(5 days)

Day 1

Arrival in Minsk airport and meeting with local guide.
Transfer to Minsk.
Beginning of Minsk city tour.
You will get acquainted with the thousand-year history of Minsk city development, learn about its interesting and difficult destiny. You will walk to the “Troitskoye Predmestye” (Trinity Suburb) - one of the oldest areas in Minsk. During the excursion you will be able to visit Island of Tears, Independence Square, House of Government and the “Red” Roman-Catholic Church (1908), Victory Square with 38m high Obelisk and Eternal flame, Holy Spirit Cathedral (1642), St. Peter and Pauls’Cathedra (1611), City Hall, the National Library and other modern buildings, etc.Proceed for Sevastopol.
Dinner at local restaurant.
Transfer  to hotel for accommodation.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 2

Sightseeing at Mir Castle.
Mir Castle is unique monument of Belarusian architecture. It is included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage. Thematic tours of the castle give an opportunity to get acquainted with the stages of construction of the Mir Castle, its owners for several centuries, to touch the defensive walls of the early 16th century. You will visit the museum exhibition, watch palace interiors, towers, walk around the park and pond.
Transfer to Nesvizh.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Sightseeing at Nesvizh Palace.
The Palace and Castle ensemble in Niasvizh is considered to be the most beautiful architectural monuments of Belarus. You will find out about the history of the most powerful family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - the Radziwill Family which influenced the cultural heritage of Belarus. You will see the impressive expositions, great halls of the palace, living and housekeeping areas, picturesque parks adjacent to the palace. Driving by the Market place you will take a view of the Town Hall, shopping arcades, artisan houses; the Slutsk Gate (XVII cent.).
Transfer to Brest.
Check-in at hotel in Brest.
Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 3

Sightseeing at Belovezhskaya Puscha National park. Unesco World Heritage Site Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park is the oldest wildlife refuge in Europe and the pride of Belarus. Some 1300 sq km of primeval forest survives in Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park, half of which lies in Poland. This is all that remains of a canopy that eight centuries ago covered northern Europe. At least 55 mammal species, including deer, lynx, boar, wild horse, wolf, elk, ermine, badger, marten, otter, mink and beaver call this park home, but the area is most celebrated for its 300 or so European bison, the continent's largest land mammal.
Excursion around National Park with Museum of Household crafts visit, open-air cages (bisons, elks etc.) visit.
Lunch at local restaurant in Belovezhskaya puscha.
Transfer to Brest.
Excursion at Brest Hero-Fortress   Brest Fortress, one of the most important places in Belarus, that dates back to the 19th century and became a key symbol of Soviet resistance in World War 2. It earned the title of Hero Fortress for the courage demonstrated by Soviet soldiers when they fought against the German army in 1941. Whilst the Nazis took the town of Brest – 90% of which was destroyed in the fighting – the two regiments garrisoned inside the fortress held out. For the people of Belarus, Brest Fortress remains a famous symbol of the Soviet resistance during World War 2.
Continuation of Brest city tour. Walking tour at Sovetskaya street, city center.
Dinner at local restaurant.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 4

Return to Minsk.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Transfer to Stalin line historical complex.
Visit of “Stalin`s line” that is the chain of defensive installations along the former USSR frontier. The exposition Military-historical museum was created and planed so, that from the first steps a visitor could feel the spirit of the times. The opportunity to be absorbed in history is one of the distinctive features of the museum. The basis of the exposition is original pillboxes. The park of military equipment is the most complete exposition in the Republic of Belarus of all artillery and military equipment, which was adopted in different years, beginning from the war times.
Stalin’s Line is an interactive museum: Here at extra charge you can fire a real weapon from the times of the Great Patriotic War (Mauser, Mosin rifle or Maksim machine-gun), drive a modern armored vehicle and legendary tanks.
Departure for homestead “Ganka”.
Ganka Farmstead is situated in a restful picturesque place on the edges of Epimahi village. It is surrounded by beautiful garden and endless fields. Silence, soul harmony and coziness will be companions of your rest.
Hospitable family of Anatoly Ganets will greet you near their cottage with accordion, bread and a shot glass of samogon (home-made vodka). They will tell the story how to make and how to drink this product in the right way. You will have chance to take part in Slavonic dances master class.
The apogee of this holiday will be the most delicious dinner cooked by Anatoly’s wife and daughter. All ingredients are grown here, in the Manor or nearby.
Fantastic folk band will play music while you are having a meal.
Transfer to hotel in Minsk.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 5

Time at leisure in the city center, shopping.
Transfer to the airport for departure.

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