Tour to Spaceport Baikonur

KMP Group welcomes you to feel the thrill and amazement of a spaceship launch at the legendary Spaceport Baikonur! Cosmodrome Baikonur is the world’s first and largest working spaceport launch facility (with a total area of 6,717 km2) situated in southern Kazakhstan. It has been the launching ground for the Manned spacecrafts ‘Vostok’, ‘Voskhod’ and ‘Soyuz’, orbital stations ‘Salyut’ and ‘Mir’, space shuttle ‘Energiya’ — ‘Buran’ and various interplanetary spacecrafts and artificial satellites. Here you have a great opportunity to be among the privileged ones to see the cosmonauts, learn the history of the first space harbour and the interplanetary research.


A year ago Russia’s federal space authority Roscosmos outlined its intention to develop the Earth-based space tourism and selected a limited number of the tour operators who would be licensed to organize tours to Baikonur complex and to Vostochny Cosmodrome in the future. These tours will allow tourists to witness the launch of a manned or unmanned automatic mission from the spaceport and experience the moment they will never forget.

KMP Group was authorized to arrange spaceport launch observation tours.
We are happy to offer you and your clients:
• Baikonur City Tour with stops for main attractions;
• A visit to the International Space School;
• Watching the pre-launch events;
• Participation in the spacecraft’s launch.

NOTE: all the complexity involved in spacecraft launches, all planned dates are subject to change.
Generally the final launch date is confirmed about 3-4 weeks before the planned date, however,

the final date could be changed.

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