St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, the city that you dream of.


There are as many attractions in Saint-Petersburg, as the number of years since its foundation. And as the locals say, each year it acquires another one. Even sophisticated Europeans recognize upon arrival, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Take a walk along Nevsky prospect from The Anichkov Bridge to the Palace square to see the Kazan cathedral and the Church on Spilt Blood, the Armenian Church and The Church of St. Catherine, the Book House and the Hermitage. Visit opened in 2013 Fabergé Museum to take a look at the jewelry masterpieces - nine Imperial Easter Eggs that Fabergé created for the last two Russian emperors: Alexander III and Nicholas II.


The city center – Nevsky prospect is a street of palaces and banks, theatres and boutiques, churches and museums. At the corner of Nevsky and Malaya Sadovaya Street you can stop at the store of “Zenith” football team, take a picture against the monument to a Saint-Petersburg’s photographer, make a wish and throw a coin in bronze cats on the facade of the house № 56. From Malaya Sadovaya Street you can see Ostrovsky Square, where every year in the middle of December opens a Christmas Fair.


Saint-Petersburg embraces Russian warm-heartedness and European strictness as it was conceived by the emperor Peter I, who “opened the window to Europe” in 1703. Here, after his death, started a period of successive revolts. Here Russian army was greeted after the defeat of Napoleon. Here you can virtually “read” the great Dostoyevsky on the streets, and in homes, immortalized in the famous works, live ordinary people.

Built on 101 islands and linked by 350 graceful bridges, Saint Petersburg is truly called the Venice of the North. Known as the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg carefully preserves its unique atmosphere, it is a city of imperial proportions and intangible romance, which has been a source of inspiration for generations of artists. The aura of its aristocratic past is still alive in this city of infinite charm.


The city of white nights, the pearl of the North, Saint Petersburg never ceases to amaze you.


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