Sochi is a city in the South of Russia. It is located on the Black Sea shore, close to Caucasus. The location of Sochi has created very favorable climatic conditions: mountain peaks close the city from the cold north and east winds, and the sea warms the coast up with mild, humid air. In the summer the average air temperature in Sochi is +27°С, the temperature of sea water is about + 25°С. There is basically no winter as the average winter air temperature rarely drops below +10°С.

Sochi is a place that can offer various and absolutely different types of tourism. Sochi is rich in natural sightseeing - rocky gorges, beautiful waterfalls, dense forests, fast-moving mountain rivers, labyrinths of countless caves. It attracts lovers of outdoor activities and extreme tourism like rafting, tracking, camping, hiking, diving, etc. Warm and clear Black Sea, lots of sun, clean sea air, healing mineral springs, healing mud attract people who love recreational tourism. High mountain peaks and professional ski trails attract skiing lovers. There are a lot of places of interest like Sky Park with Sky Bridge, Stalin Dacha, a trout farm for excursions. Sochi is a great place for gambling lovers, too, as there is a casino area called “Krasnaya Polyana” where tourists can play different games, from Poker to slot machines. 

After the Olympic Games in 2014, Sochi gained worldwide popularity. During the preparation a lot of new modern hotels and restaurants were built as well as Olympic Games objects like Olympic park and Olympic village that can be visited by tourists now. 




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