Red tour

(8 days)


Day 1

Welcome to Saint Petersburg! Upon arrival you will be transferred to the hotel with a guide’s assistance. There are no excursions on the first day of your trip for you to relax after the flight.

Day 2

Today will start for you with a sightseeing tour around Saint Petersburg but not a standard one. We’ll “color a bit in red” (color of October Revolution 1917) your trip to Russia. Besides main attractions like Nevsky Prospect, St.Isaac’s Cathedral, Church on the Spilled Blood etc first you’ll visit Finland railway station. Here Lenin finally arrived in 1917 after 17 years in exile abroad and here he gave his legendary speech from the top of an armoured car to a crowd. After that you’ll proceed for Cruiser Aurora that played its role in the communist revolution, giving a start to it when its crew fired a blank round from the forward gun as a signal for the start of the assault on the Winter Palace. In the end of the morning and before lunch you’ll visit Museum of Political history. This attractive art nouveau mansion originally built for Mathilda Kshesinskaya, the prima ballerina at the Mariinskiy before the Revolution, and Nicholas II's mistress before he became Emperor, in 1917 was seized by the Bolsheviks and turned into their headquarters in the city. It became the centre of their revolutionary activities, and Lenin made a historic speech from one of the balconies after his arrival in the city.  It’s time for lunch when you can taste traditional Russian cuisine and have a rest during lunch. After lunch and some rest you’ll proceed with digging into the atmosphere of the October revolution. The following step is Smolny Institute. Built by Giacomo Quarenghi in the beginning of XIX century as a school for aristocratic girls, in 1917 the Smolny Institute became the headquarters for the Bolshevik Central Committee and the Petrograd Soviet. From here, Trotsky and Lenin directed the October Revolution, here the All-Russian Congress of Soviets conferred power on a Bolshevik government led by Lenin. In the end of the day before return to hotel you’ll make a short stop at Tauride Palace that in 1917 was briefly home to the Provisional Government and the Petersburg Soviet.

Day 3

In the morning you will have a guided tour in one of the oldest and largest art museums in the world: the Hermitage - once home to Catherine the Great and backdrop to the start of the Russian revolution of 1917. You will enjoy the largest collection of paintings in the world, including works of Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, Velázquez and many more and get to know the connection of the museum with the Revolution. After lunch you will have a possibility to enjoy Impressionists’ Collection of Hermitage in General Staff Building.

Day 4

This day we’ll start with excursion to Gatchina. May be it’s the most neglected of St. Petersburg's suburban palaces in the post-war period, Gatchina is also probably the most lived-in, with four Tsars considering it their family home. During the Revolution of 1917 Gatchina was the site of the final fall of Kerensky's Provisional Government. 
After lunch you’ll make a visit to the famous Peter and Paul Fortress, also known as "Russian Bastille". This majestic fortress is at the same time the birthplace of the city and an important landmark of Russian revolution.  The Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in the fortress, houses the remains of almost all the Russian Emperors and Empresses. 

Day 5

In the morning you will be taken to the railway station for a trip to Moscow (4h.).
Upon arrival you will meet another guide, who will assist you for Moscow part of your trip.
Your first day in Moscow will start with the first part of the city tour: Poklonnaya Gora and Victory park, embrace this enormous city from the observation platform in Sparrow Hills, followed by a visit to the Novodevichy convent – a World Heritage Site of the 17th century. 

Day 6

One cannot visit Moscow without a tour to the Kremlin or Red Square! In the morning you will have a guided tour to some of the Kremlin’s cathedrals. You will see the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. After lunch you’ll visit Red Square with St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum – revolutionary leader’s tomb.

Day 7

This morning you’ll be taken to Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve. In Lenin’s later years, he and his family spent time at the Morozov manor house, set on lovely wooded grounds, 32km southeast of the capital. The estate now houses a Lenin museum and a re-creation of Lenin’s Kremlin office and apartment, as well as his vintage Rolls-Royce. 
After lunch you’ll be back to Moscow and will visit the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, a museum in Moscow dedicated to space exploration. The museum primarily focuses on the Soviet space program with major themes like Gagarin, Sergey Korolyov, Sputnik and Soyuz. After the museum visit you’ll enjoy a pleasant walk in VDNKh park. VDNKH which stands for Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy is a park with palatial pavilions, each designed in its own unique style to represent all the Soviet republics and various industries, from geology to space exploration.

Day 8

Goodbye Moscow! You will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.

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