Murmansk Region is the northernmost region of the European part of Russia, located on the Kola Peninsula leading onto the Arctic Ocean and the most of it stretches beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is the biggest unfrozen port of Russia. It is the main supplier and cargo carrier to the regions of the Far North, Arctic, and countries far abroad. The exploitation of the unique nuclear-power icebreakers allows for year-round navigation in Arctic. Here stays the first ever nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world “Lenin” built in Leningrad in 1956-1959. This icebreaker is now a museum and you can attend it to learn the history of the Arctic trips, observe the ship from the inside and enjoy interactive exhibition.

Murmansk is the biggest seaport, heroic city, the headquarters of the icebreakers fleet, and the gate of Arctic. It is a unique city, extremely beautiful and authentic. The major attractions of the city are coming from the beauty of the nature in the region, from the military glory of the citizens and, of course, from the Northern Lights, coloring the sky with the shades of yellow, green and blue, taking away the breath of the astonished spectators. 

Murmansk region is considered to be one of the best places where you can enjoy the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis). The season of Aurora hunting lasts from late September till middle April. As it is a natural phenomenon there is no 100% guarantee to «catch» the northern lights at the first try of hunting. The majority of experts recommend staying in Murmansk for at least 3 days to increase chances for your dream to come true. Besides, you will definitely not get bored in Murmansk. Murmansk region is known for its incredible biodiversity with its endless forests and tundra, crystal clear lakes and fast-flowing rivers. If you like animals, you have a chance to visit Husky kennel and have a husky ride: just jump into the sleigh and race over the pure white snow in the twilight of the Arctic winter. 

In case you prefer historic views of the industrial decay — attend Teriberka, a village nearby the site of Murmansk, which came popular after the “Leviathan” film by A.Zvyagintsev, is now included into top-20 best touristic places list according to National Geographic, and stores its outstanding views — the ship cemetery where it seems that the time has slowed its pace and the nature wins over the human heritage. Here you can also observe the ruins of an old fishing village known since the 16th century — Teriberka itself. If you don’t like the views of ruins, you can attend the Saami village of the local ethnic group where you can feed reindeers and take pictures in national clothes of the Saami people, take a ride on reindeer sleighs and snowmobiles, enjoy the beauty of the ancient rites, legends, and stories of the villagers.

A nice addition to the trip is either winter or summer fishing, depending on the season you arrive to the region. Feel the north in your veins and catch all fishes possible: pike, trout, perch, big cod, halibut, catfish and Atlantic salmon in the fresh and sea waters of the peninsula during the summer season or learn the tips of ice-fishing in winter after driving snowmobile

Come to enjoy Murmansk, breath in the Arctic!