North Fairytale in Arkhangelsk

(4 days)

Day 1

Welcome to the north of Russia! You will arrive to one of the northernmost cities, Arkhangelsk. This city is situated not far from the shore of the North Sea, its climate is quite harsh, there is a lot of snow everywhere. A true north fairytale! In the morning you will have a sightseeing tour around the city including Northern Dvina River Promenade and main pedestrian street, very nice and charming. In the afternoon you will visit the Northern Sea Museum. Arkhangelsk is the first Russian sea port. In the museum you will learn the history of Russian navigation, legendary ships and impressing stories of personalities famous in the sphere. 

Day 2

In the morning you will ride outside the city to the reindeer herders’ village to meet real reindeer! These animals are very graceful and cute! Without any doubt, you will fall in love with them from the first sight! You will also have a reindeer sleigh ride on the snow and take unique pictures with the animals. Then you will get acquainted with Nenets people’s life and culture. You will have a chance to take photos of yourselves in their bright, colorful, warm and comfy national costumes which are hard to find anywhere else nowadays.

Day 3

In the morning you will visit the Malye Korely Museum, a unique open-air collection of wooden architecture monuments built in the 16th - early 20th centuries. The wooden architecture of the North inspires everyone, immersing people in the magic of the amazing unity of the harsh northern nature with the creations of human hands. It is always nice to walk in such an interesting area and breathe fresh air. In the afternoon you will be exploring the Museum of Art Development of the Arctic. The museum collected the pictures drawn by artists while exploring the North! Just imagine what difficulties the artists have overcame to share the views that they saw during the expedition with other people!

Day 4

Goodbye Arkhangelsk! Bid farewell to this wonderful country and bring home sweet memories of Russia. Transfer to the airport is included on your last day.

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