Excursion tour to Karelia

(4 days)

Day 1

Meeting with a guide on the railway station of Lodeinoye Pole.

Transfer to Sortavala (250 km).

Breakfast in a café.

Leaving Sortavala by hydrofoil (way time – 45 min.). Arrival to Valaam archipelago.


Start of the excursion (by foot and by autoboat). Walking around Skitsky island.

The excursion around Valaam is held by using interior channels of the archipelago. It starts from the main part of the Central homestead of the monastery (from the Monastery bay). You will see interior lakes (Sisyaarvi lake as well), Vladimirsky bridge, Alexander Nevsky cell, Smolensky cell, monastery farm (all the objects will be seen from water). Afterwards through the channel you will get to the Ladoga lake and Small Nikonovsky bay and have a look on Elion mountain. Following points of the excursion are Big Nikonovsky bay and the Resurrection cell; Nikolsky cell. In the end you will get back to the Monastery bay.

Lunch in monastery canteen.

Leaving Valaam by hydrofoil (way time – 45 min.). Arrival to Sortavala.

Transfer to park-hotel «Dacha Vintera» (10 km). Check in at the hotel.

Dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel. Check out of the hotel.

Transfer: park-hotel – the mountain park «Ruskeala» (35 km).

Excursion in the mountain park «Ruskeala» (2 km).

Transfer: the mountain park «Ruskeala» – Ruskeala waterfalls (15 min).

Transfer: Ruskeala waterfalls – ethnographic village Kinerma (170 km, approximately 2,5 hours).

Excursion in the village. Lunch served with dishes of karelian traditional cuisine.

Transfer: ethnographic village Kinerma – Petrozavodsk (110 km, approximately 2 hours).

Check in at the hotel «Park Inn».

Visiting «Kantele House». Performance of the folklore ensemble «Kantele».

The ensemble is located in a historical building, which is the monument of XIX-th century architecture. Today «Kantele House» is a cultural and historical center with a Concert Hall, The Traditional Instruments and The National Costume Workshops, Recording Studio.

Dinner in «Karelskaya gornitsa» restaurant.

Day 3

Breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel.

Transfer to river port.

Leaving Petrozavodsk by hydrofoil (way time – 1.15 hour). Arrival to Kizhi island.

Excursion around Kizhi island.

The Kizhi Museum is one of the largest open-air museums in Russia. This unique historical, cultural and natural complex is a valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

Lunch in a cafe.

Leaving the island (way time – 1.15 hour). Arrival to Petrozavodsk.

For extra payment*: 3-hour rafting on river Shya; ATV safari.

Transfer to the hotel «Park Inn».

Dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast. Check out of the hotel.


Transfer to Kivach nature reserve (80 km).

Excursion on the territory of reserve includes visiting Kivach Waterfall, nature museum and the karelian birch alley.


Kivach Waterfall is the second largest plain waterfall in Europe with 4 terraces and the height of 10,7 m. The name of the waterfall originates from the karelian word kivas – snow mountain. Famous Russian poet G.R. Derzhavin inscribed a poem «Waterfall» to this unique nature monument after visiting it in 1785.

Lunch on the territory of the reserve (shashlik).

Visiting The Assumption Church in Kondopoga – the monument of wooden architecture of the Russian north.

Transfer to Petrozavodsk railway station.

Dinner (packed lunch).

18:00 Leaving to Saint-Petersburg.

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