Tour to Golden Ring, Murom

and Diveyevo

(4 days)

Day 1

Today we leave Moscow to start our tour on the Golden Ring. First of all discover the town of Sergiev Posad (around 70 km. from Moscow). Originated in the 15th century, it embraces one of the largest monasteries in Russia: the Trinity Lavra, which is an important historical landmark as well as a place of pilgrimage. During lunch you can taste traditional Russian food in the original monks’ refectory. After lunch you will set off for Suzdal, an ancient town of the Golden Ring, founded in 11th century. You will spend the night there.

Day 2

In the morning you will have a sightseeing tour around Suzdal. Discover the finest examples of Russian medieval architecture with a visit to the Kremlin and The Monastery of Saint Euthymius. After lunch you will leave for Vladimir, another town of the Golden Ring, which has preserved significant buildings surviving from the 12th century. You will have a sightseeing tour there, visiting its famous Assumption, Dormition and St. Demetrius' Cathedrals and the Golden Gate. Not far from Vladimir in Bogolyubovo Village you may find a jewel of Russian medieval architecture - Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Bogolyubovo Monastery and the former Royal Palace. We are definitely not going to miss it. 

Day 3

It’s time to leave Suzdal and depart to Murom, the most ancient city of the Vladimir region, mentioned in the " Tale of Bygone Years" back in 862! Its most famous native is the hero Ilya Muromets, who was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, his monument you will find in the Oksky park. 
The most popular sights of Murom are its monasteries: men's Transfiguration and Annunciation, women's Resurrection and Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity convent houses the relics of Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of family happiness and a strong marriage. You will learn an amazing story about how, being buried separately, the relics of the saints were inexplicably brought together. In the evening we move to Diveyevo where we will have overnight. 

Day 4

We will start a new day with the short panoramic tour of Diveyevo and excursion to Saint Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery. This ancient village for many centuries gave shelter to traveling pilgrims, as it was located at the intersection of several pilgrimage routes. One of the pilgrims, Agafya Melgunova, decided to build a  Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan here and at the end of the XVIII century formed a Christian community around it, which later turned into one of the most famous monasteries of the Orthodox world – Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveyevsky. In 1789, hierodeacon Seraphim of Sarov took the monastery under his special protection. Seraphim of Sarov became a comforter, mentor, and spiritual assistant for nuns. The Trinity Cathedral was built after the death of the reverend, who nevertheless had chosen the plot of land for the church's construction. Services at the Trinity Cathedral began in 1875. Relics of Seraphim of Sarov are kept in this temple.
Later we will visit several Holy springs in the area, including the one of Serafim Sarovsky, which is located in 20 km from Diveyevo and on the border of the Mordovian reserve, opened in the middle of the last century at the place where conscripts saw the image of St. Seraphim of Sarov. 
After lunch we depart back to Moscow or you may also continue your trip visiting Nizhny Novgorod which is in only 150 km.

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