Golden  Ring

The Golden Ring journey usually starts with a visit to Vladimir. Vladimir was founded in 10th century and was one of the medieval capitals of Russia, with significant buildings surviving from the 12th century. It`s located about 180 km away from Moscow. The old part of Vladimir starts from the Golden Gates, the unique architectural monument and symbol of ancient defensive structure. Near the Golden Gates Museum “Old Vladimir” is located. It was the first museum in the country, placed inside the former water tower. The exhibition of the museum is devoted to local residents` life between 19th-20th centuries, and observation deck upstairs opens a beautiful city view. One more museum, which attracts a lot of tourists, is Crystal Glass and Lacquer Museum, located inside the former Trinity Old Believer Church.

Among its main sights of Vladimir is the Cathedral Hill with the Dormition Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint Demetrius. Dormition Cathedral is famous for its ancient frescoes of magnificent Russian icon painters and relics of Great Martyrs. In Medieval Times in the cathedral the Grand Dukes were crowned and buried. Cathedral of Saint Demetrius is a beautiful white-stone Byzantine Church of the 12th century with breathtaking interior. 

Not far from Vladimir in Bogolyubovo Village (also a part of the GR route) you may find a jewel of Russian medieval architecture - Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Bogolyubovo Monastery and the former Royal Palace. 
The city of Suzdal can be called an open-air museum. Just take a walk along its streets to make certain. This rather small town has an incredible number of churches (more than 40), convents and monasteries, each of which is an outstanding monument of the past, with authentic medieval ramparts and towers. Above its rural landscape rises the majestic Monastery of Saint Euthymius. Its walls are more than 1 km. (0.6 mi) long and 10 m. (33 ft.) high. The Monastery includes 6 temples, the main ones are the magnificent Transfiguration Cathedral, the Annunciation Church, the Assumption Church, and others.

In the center of Suzdal lies its oldest fortress – the Kremlin, built in 10th century. Nowadays it is a museum complex, which keeps unique masterpieces of Ancient Russian Art and Architecture. Suzdal is also famous for its Museum of Wooden Architecture, where the best wooden construction techniques (built without any nails) of 18th-19th centuries are submitted. 4 km away from Suzdal ancient white-stone Church of Boris and Gleb is located. The Church was built in 1152 and is considered to be the first white-stone construction ever built in this area.
Eight ancient architectural monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as:
1.    Golden Gates;
2.    Dormition Cathedral;
3.    Cathedral of Saint Demetrius;
4.    Church of Boris and Gleb;
5.    Church of the Intercession on the Nerl;
6.    Royal Palace in Bogolyubovo;
7.    The Kremlin of Suzdal;
8.    Monastery of Saint Euthymius.

70 km away from Vladimir fabulous Town of Masters, named Gus-Khrustalny is located. It`s the town of brilliant glassblowers, making unique works of art, well-known all over the world. Crystal Museum and Crystal Factory are the main sights of the Town of Masters. Here tourists can see amazing products, made of Glass and Crystal, observe the process of Crystal making and buy something for memory. Crystal Museum is located inside the former St. George`s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful and famous throughout Russia Churches of the 20th century. 

Kostroma town is situated farthest from Moscow among other Golden Ring towns, but it`s worth tourists` attention and visiting. It`s located on the picturesque banks of Volga River. The most popular sight of the town is the Holy Trinity Hypatian Monastery. This Monastery includes more than 10 historical architectural constructions, the main ones are the Trinity Cathedral with bell tower and Romanov`s Royal Palace. Among the sacred values of the monastery are miraculous icons and relics of Great Martyrs.

Kostroma is also famous for its Museum of Wooden Architecture, called “Kostroma Sloboda”. It`s an open-air museum, where tourists can see very beautiful wooden constructions of 18th-20th centuries.

Yaroslavl is the jewel of the Volga River, one of the oldest cities in Russia that celebrated a thousand year anniversary in 2010. The historical city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery is the most remarkable sight of the city, which has long been its spiritual, cultural and economic center. In a walking distance from the monastery lies another symbol of Yaroslavl – the gorgeous Church of Elijah the Prophet. It is particularly well known for its interior fresco paintings, which, despite a history which has seen great fires and disasters, have been kept in good condition since their creation in the 17th century.

Ugluch is the only city in the world, the coat of arms of which depicts a boy with a knife in his hand. Uglich is considered to be the most mystical town of the Golden Ring with a lot of legends and myths. Among the most popular sights are Kremlin, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and Church of Demetrius on Blood.

The old town of Rostov Veliky seems to have moved from the remote times of the tsars.  Magnific Kremlin walls and towers are surrounded by a complex of ramparts, while nearby extends the mysterious Nero Lake, that has seen glorious battles and epic events. On the Kremlin territory the tourists can visit the Museum of Decorated Russian Enamel, where they can get acquainted with unique products and secrets of enamel decorating technology.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is a small ancient town, situated on the banks of amazing Plescheevo Lake. There are 9 churches and 5 Monasteries in the town, among them are Nikitsky Monasterry (founded in 1010!!), Trinity Daniil Monastery, Trinity Cathedral, Feodor Monastery, Nikolsky Monastery. The town is also famous for its funny Museums, like Iron Museum, Teapot Museum, Trick and Savvy Museum and others. We can`t but mention that the main square in the town is called Red Square, like in Moscow.

Sergiyev Posad is also known as “Russian Vatikan” owing its name to the Trinity Lavra, which is an important historical landmark as well as a place of pilgrimage. The Trinity Monastery of St.Sergius, originated in the 13th century, gave rise to the city and still remains its main tourist attraction.

Sergiyev Posad is also known as “Russian Vatikan” owing its name to the Trinity Lavra, which is an important historical landmark as well as a place of pilgrimage. The Trinity Monastery of St.Sergius, originated in the 13th century, gave rise to the city and still remains its main tourist attraction.


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Magnific Kremlin of Rostov Veliky

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Magnific Kremlin of Rostov Veliky