Culinary tour

The culinary tour is created to awaken your senses by the unique culinary experience. You will get acquainted with traditional Russian cuisine by tasting numerous delicious things. Moreover you will learn how to cook some of traditional Russian meals and bring your knowledge back to your country to surprise your relatives and friends with an extraordinary dinner. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that will be a real pleasure from the very beginning!

On day 1 of the tour you will get acquainted with the Russian capital Moscow and will visit the best known sights in Russia – Kremlin with its cathedrals and the Red Square. After the city tour you will start your culinary adventure with lunch including legendary Russian soup “Borscht”. After the lunch you will visit the Vodka museum and will taste this famous alcohol with red caviar as a snack. The dinner will be organized in a restaurant “Matreshka” with traditional Russian cuisine. The menu of the restaurant includes such traditional Russian meals as “Olivier” salad, Varenyky, Russian small pie, "Pozharskaya" cutlet, etc.

Day 2 will be started with visit to the real chocolate factory. You will visit the museum of chocolate, confectionary production area and, of cause, taste the freshly made chocolate. After the lunch you will ride outside the city and find yourself in the countryside. It is a perfect place to admire the nature, experience Russian sauna (called Banya) and to go fishing. The hosts of the country house will organize Russian pancakes making master class. After all these activities on the fresh air you will be hungry for sure. For this dinner you will taste pancakes made by yourself, Russian BBQ (called Shashlik) and Plov.

On day 3 you will move to the cultural capital of Russia – St Petersburg. For this lunch you will try one of the most delicious things in the world – Kamchatka crab. After lunch you will proceed for a city tour of this beautiful city. Before enjoying the dinner you will cook the main part of it by yourself! An experienced cook will provide a Russian dumplings (called Pelmeni) making master class and help you to make Pelmeni. You will try them during the dinner.

On day 4 you will visit the must see sights of St Petersburg – Hermitage museum and Peterhof palace and park. The palaces amaze everyone by the historical charm and luxury. The fountains of Peterhof are famous all over the world. During the lunch you will try Chicken Kiev. The final dinner will take place in a restaurant that is situated in a luxurious palace – Russian Ampir, the design of the restaurant and its cuisine are truly imperial.