Excursion tour to Crimea

(4 days)

Day 1

Arrival in Simferopol and meeting with local guide. Transfer to Sevastopol. Lunch on the route.

Stop on the route to visit Bakhchisaray, once the capital of the Crimean Tatar Khanate. Its name is translated as “the garden palace” and the actual nucleus of its historic center is palatial residence of the Gireys dynasty. These Khans ruled the Crimea between the 15th and 18th centuries and created magnificent architectural ensemble which contains Main Mosque, the Falcon Tower, the Palace of the Khans and some other buildings.

Proceed for Sevastopol.

Visit to Assumption Monastery on the route.

Arrival in Sevastopol and TRF to hotel for accommodation. Dinner and overnight at hotel

Day 2


We start from the visit of the National Historical and Archeological Preserve of Chersonesus Taurica that includes the Museum of Antique & Medieval history, exhibition of mosaics and archeological excavations of ancient theater, numerous basilicas and households of the town of Chersonesus, which preceded modern city of Sevastopol.

Departure for Balaklava, picturesque  pearl of Crimea. Boat ride along Balaklava harbor. Lunch.

Walk along Balaklava seafront to the ruins of fortress Cembalo founded by the Genoese in the XIV century. 

Proceed for Alupka. Excursion to Vorontsov’s Palace. The palatial building was constructed in glorious park in 1828-48 by the serfs of its first owner, Governor-General of New Russia Count Mikhail Vorontsov. 

Proceed for Yalta. Arrival and transfer to hotel for accommodation. Dinner and overnight at hotel

Day 3


Excursion to Livadia Palace. For more than 50 years (1861–1917), the Livadian estate was the southern residence of three families of Russian tsars: Alexander ΙΙ, Alexander ΙΙΙ and Nikolai ΙΙ. However mostly this palace is famous for the Yalta Conference of 1945, which brought together three leaders – Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, when the destiny of Europe was decided.

Drive to Swallow’s Nest. Photo-stop at observation platform with a view on Swallow’s Nest, a symbol of Crimea. Lunch.

Visit to Massandra winery with wine tasting. Established in 1894, Massandra winery was once part of the enormous estate of Tsar Nicholas II and supplied exceptional wines to His Majesty's Imperial Court. Since then for more than 110 years it has been producing wines, which you’ll have a great chance to taste.

Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 4


Transfer to Simferopol and then transfer to the airport for departure.

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