Excursion tour to Astrakhan

(4 days)

Day 1 - Arrival to Astrakhan

Arrival to the Astrakhan International Airport and meeting with a guide.

Big sightseeing tour around Astrakhan! Astrakhan Kremlin, beautiful central streets, acquaintance with the history of Indian merchants in Astrakhan, building of the Indian farmstead, visiting the exposition in the Red Tower of the Kremlin, a walk along the Volga embankment, old houses, the Opera and Ballet Theater - all of this you will see during the excursion. Also in the program: square of Peter the Great, merchant houses, the Iranian and Armenian monasteries, the Annunciation Monastery and the chapel of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Lunch at the city café.

Free time after lunch for rest.

In the evening dinner at the restaurant of local cuisine.

Day 2 - Saray Batu & Bogdo-Baskunchak Reserve

Early breakfast at the hotel (06:00-06:30)

Departure to Saray Batu (now located in the village of Selitrennoe).

The village of Selitrennoe is situated in the steppe, 140 km from Astrakhan. It is impossible to believe that there was one of the great capitals of the world, one of the largest centers of civilization.

Lunch at the local café.
Departure to the Bogdo and the lake Baskunchak. To the north-east of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain there is the city of Big Bogdo and the salt lake Baskunchak. These unique natural sites are part of the Bogdino-Baskunchak reserve. You will see the highest point of the Astrakhan region of Bogdo, take stunning shots and of course visit the "place of power".

After a walk around the city of Bogdo, visit one of the most beautiful and unusual lakes in the world - a salty lake Baskunchak, which is famous for its salt, mud and waters of the "dead sea".

Bathing in the lake (optional), free time.

Dinner at the local café.

Arrival to Astrakhan at 11:30 p.m.

Day 3 - Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve & sturgeon farm

Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve is located in the delta of the Volga, where the Great Russian River divides into hundreds of branches, ducts, and streams. In the Astrakhan Reserve, true connoisseurs of nature come to see the nature of the region: see the unique landscapes of the Volga delta, feel the fragrance of the blossoming lotus and watch the birds that live here, nest or stop to rest.

Boat excursion around the reserve. You will see many varieties of birds, animals and insects, as well as the beauty and diversity of the Astrakhan Delta. Tourists will be able to walk along the ecological path together with the guide of the reserve. Learn a lot about the inhabitants of the reserve.

Departure to a sturgeon farm

This sturgeon farm is one of the four largest sturgeon farming enterprises in the Astrakhan region. On the territory of the farm there are 40 pools for growing sturgeon from eggs to fry and 180 cages for growing fish in the river, as well as own broodstock of sturgeon, beluga, sterlet and bester!

On the sturgeon farm you will see the whole process of reproduction and cultivation of sturgeon, sterlet, beluga and bester, and also you can participate in the process of sturgeon feeding.

On the territory of the farm there is a company store where you can buy farm products at prices below market prices (with a full package of documents) - sturgeon of hot and cold smoking, dried fish and black caviar without intermediaries and trade mark-up, hot and cold smoked pork, dried vobla (Caspian roach), bream, Pike caviar, various canned fish, preserves, fresh fish; Souvenirs with symbols of the Astrakhan region and sturgeon farm.

Day 4 - Astrakhan

Visit to the famous fish market, where everyone can find a "nice and delicious" gift for their relatives and friends.

Transfer to the Astrakhan International Airport for departure.

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