Altai Region

Altai Region is the island of primeval beauty in the ocean of machines, factories and city noise. This island is filled with fresh air of alpine meadows, the hot breath of steppes, twittering of forest birds, coolness of spring water, splashing of fish on the quiet surface of lakes. 

It’s a unique are on the territory of Siberia with more sunny days than in the countries of Central Europe. One can find various landscape features in this blissful region. In the east it is plentiful Siberian taiga. In the west there are sweeping steppes of Central Asia with the towering mountains that form the barrier along their southern edge. For a modern person Altai is the paragon of purity. 

There are over 2 thousand lakes, the three most popular are the Bolshoe and Maloe Yarovoye Lakes, and the Kulundinskye lake. Their flat bottoms and shores are covered with miry silt, black or greenish-grey, knowing for its healing properties. Teletskoye lake, located among the mountains in the Altai, is considered one of the most popular places for tourists and is included in the list of UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage sites.

There are over 35 million mineral springs in Altai. The best known of them are radon springs of the federal health resort Belokurikha. Belokurikha is famous for its ski slopes for novices and professionals alike.

The Altai mountains are a place with incredible  energy. The highest point of Siberia — Belukha mountain (4509 meters) is located here.  Belukha is a sacred place for Altaians. they believe that it is impossible to climb it. Locals call the mountain Uch-Sumer, which translates as "Three peaks". But the climbers are very fond of Belukha and regularly try to conquer it. 

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